Ongoing Troubles Facing Young People

Many of the challenges that young people face today seem extremely modern. It has become common for people to talk about how things have changed, and that the kids of today are very different from the kids of past generations. Many older people become nostalgia at this point, reminiscing about the days in which people supposedly enjoyed more stable homes in a society that was more stable overall. The 1950s has been a popular target for this kind of nostalgia, and it is a time period that is still idealized, even though the people who remember the 1950s are becoming less common.

It should be noted that historical records from the 1950s indicate that the people of the day were under the impression that society was drowning in a wave of juvenile crime. It is common today to talk about whether or not video games or violent movies or comic books are helping to make young people more violent. Some people believe that this debate began in the 1990s and it continues today, as video games and their graphics have become more sophisticated.

In fact, there was an outright moral panic in the 1950s about comic books, specifically horror comics. A lot of people were looking for reasons why the supposed crime wave among juveniles had started, and comic books had become a convenient target. This debate seems to have expanded today, but the modern versions of this debate are simply updates. People have been baffled by juvenile crimes for decades now, and the debate about how to handle them is still raging on now.

The modern adolescent experience is partly an outgrowth of the changes that occurred on a societal level after the Second World War, which is why this debate seems to date back to the 1950s. Of course, the idea that young people today are worse than the young people of previous generations is something of an eternal bias among the older generation. However, teenagers were junior members of adult society at an early age a long time ago. There’s a longer period in which teenagers are dependent on their parents today, which can be positive for some teenagers and negative for others.

The fact that many young people feel as if they have no control over their lives is going to put some of them at risk when it comes to problems like drugs and crime. Teenagers from poor backgrounds may simply feel as if they are entering their adult occupations early if they get involved in those worlds, since they may not feel as if they have any real opportunities for anything else. While many of these problems have complex solutions, it should be noted that the development of young people can be influenced in many different directions.

Making sure that young people have something to do and somewhere to go can make a huge difference. Putting them in a situation where they are supervised and where they have some structure can also help. Youth activities cannot prevent all juvenile crime. However, despite some fluctuations, the juvenile crime rate has actually gone down significantly over time.

Creating Community Spirit

Community spirit is an idea that far too many people hold up for ridicule today. Many people are probably under the impression that community spirit is a strictly old-fashioned idea. Civic values are often associated with the older generations, for better or for worse. They may seem somewhat foreign to some young people. Civic values sometimes come under attack in societies that are highly individualistic, and it can sometimes be difficult to reconcile civic values with extreme individual achievement.

However, there’s still plenty of room for community spirit, and it has many advantages for individuals. It’s easier than ever before for people to establish their own communities online and elsewhere, even if they have a difficult time becoming established in their own home communities. However, local individuals are still going to have a profound influence on everyone, particularly developing teenagers. Crimes are sometimes committed at a distance, but they are often committed by local individuals. People can get access to drugs over the Internet, but many people still get them where they have always gotten them, which is in their own neighborhoods. Creating community spirit is a good way to help ward off these sorts of problems, even if it is not a perfect remedy.

Part of creating community spirit simply involves organizing community activities. Many people hold festivals in which all local individuals are invited. Getting everyone together for a day of fun activities can help people bond, stirring up positive feelings that will often keep people going for months afterward. One reason many communities organize things like town bands is that bringing people together in order to work towards a performance can establish a certain degree of camaraderie, and the band performance itself will bring even more individuals together shortly afterwards.

It’s also possible to create community spirit by uniting people in order to work towards fixing a common problem. Some communities organize days in which everyone works together in order to clean up the community, removing litter and garbage in the process. People will get the opportunity to benefit from that service for the rest of their time, and they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they tried in the first place. While these sorts of environmental problems are not going to be especially controversial, it is also possible to unite people in conquering some of the more divisive problems that can plague an entire community.

People of all ages can get involved when it comes to community spirit projects. Many young people will benefit from feeling like they’re part of a group, as will the older individuals who may feel increasingly disconnected from their local community. Ideally, community spirit will unite everyone who lives in the local area. When done properly, it can be used to both solve and prevent local problems.

Problems Facing Teens Today


Teens have always faced certain problems. Some problems may be inherent to the adolescent experience. Teenagers are people whose brains have not yet finished developing, especially the parts of the brain that are specifically concerned with decision-making. As such, many teenagers are going to be predisposed towards making bad choices. The fact that many of them are very limited in terms of life experience is only going to make things worse.

Drugs, crime, and dating violence are all problems that adults will experience, unfortunately enough. However, many adults have more emotional tools when it comes to coping with them, and many of these adults still had better judgment when they got involved with these problems in the first place. Adults that have been in abusive relationships and adults who have experienced drug problems may also have the financial and emotional resources to at least partly cope with the situation. They may have been in situations like that previously, which will give them some measure of experience when it comes to getting through these problems later.

Many teenagers will be dealing with addiction for the first time in their lives when they get into drugs. Far too many teenagers experience abuse during their first relationships, which can only make things worse for them down the line. When it comes to crime, many teenagers simply don’t have the perspective to really process the fact that they have committed crimes. These situations are negative for all people, but they are even worse for people who get involved with them at such an early age.

There’s also the fact that teenagers are in the process of establishing themselves. They have not yet fulfilled their basic educational requirements. They do not have any job skills. Many of them have very few contacts and connections. Teenagers who miss out on this part of their lives because they have succumbed to drug addiction and crime are going to find it that much more difficult to get themselves out of this situation down the line. Adults who at least have educations and work experience before their downward spirals will find it easier to recover. Far too many troubled teenagers fall through the cracks.

In short, the problems that troubled teens face are just going to become exaggerated for reasons that relate to the very nature of adolescence. Fortunately, it can also sometimes be easier to pull teenagers away from these negative experiences for reasons that are also rooted in adolescence. Many teens are pressured into certain experiences because of their peers and because they lack alternative means of social support. Teenagers that are provided with those alternative means of social support may make different decisions as a result. Youth groups and youth activities can make all the difference when it comes to providing teenagers with alternative means of establishing connections.